• Subject: Re: ok, I made a green screen with radio buttons
  • From: email@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (James W Kilgore)
  • Date: Sun, 31 Oct 1999 02:53:16 -0800
  • Organization: Progressive Data Systems, Inc.


Go for it! Post the code at any one of the many friendly code host sites
on this list.

BTW, I don't recall what level of OS/400 you are implementing this for.

Under V3R2 I know I can have scroll bars and drop down menus, but SDA
does not have squat about push down or radio buttons.

Now, in my little world, my clients have gotten use to the fact that the
"dumb" system console (a -real- 5250 stream device) is limited in
function (no application capability) but the emulation products
typically are centered around a 3197C for twinax wired.

Yet under a TCP/IP wiring, emulation products (TN5250e) don't even ask
for device model, just screen size (24X80 vs 27X132) and pick 3179 or
3477 accordingly.

Years ago I stopped memorizing features/functions my model, but does a
3179 or 3477 support a mouse?

Are these the old Infowindow devices?  Printer support and all?

Now here is the business decision I'm faced with: I've got a bunch of
clients who's names end with vowels, Teamster centric, highway builders
who inform me that it would cost them 10k per hour for a delay in
Payroll and grant me the liberty to choose the mile marker I will be
buried under should that event ever occur.

I believe that they are sincere.

Do I program the application to the single -guaranteed- running "dumb"
system console or to an enhanced emulation product?

Well, I suppose I could use the feedback data structure and dual code my
applications for either occurrence, but   ...

boothm@earth.goddard.edu wrote:
> I just made a simple little application.  Here's the salient features:
> - all functions in the application work normally, and also with the
> mouse or the arrow keys and cursor.
> - the subfile has a fully functional scroll bar.
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