Al, I am not trying to be nagging, but I want to be sure I am hearing what
I think I am hearing.

You (and others here) have an AS/400 directly on the internet.  No
intermediate NT box for additional security, no *nix box in between, just
an AS/400 with a valid and reachable IP number?  

All comments have been upbeat and positive.  Is there no story, rumor, or
legend relating to AS/400 vulnerabilty or catastrophe?

In <>, on 06/30/99 
   at 07:15 PM, "Al Barsa, Jr." <> said:

>Yes, it's working.  It took longer to implement than we anticipated, but
>it  was a big paradigm shift for us.  Once we got it up with the bugs
>ironed  out, everything stays up nice and stable.  Essentially, we have
>had no  unplanned in the last year and a half.  Don't know why anyone
>would want to  do it differently!


Booth Martin

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