• Subject: RE: IBM's VARPG - What can it and cant it do.
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  • Date: Thu, 3 Jun 1999 07:07:21 -0400

Nelson --

GOOD question!

The "Office" suites are pretty much the de-facto standards for User
Interface stuff. The Windows Explorer -- in MY opinion -- is a nice

I'm always on the lookout for beautiful GUI's (an aside: does anyone else
think that web-like interfaces SUCK? See the latest Microsoft Money for a
good interface gone bad...).  I recently cut a picture of a GUI out of an
add for the WISE installation program; I like it THAT much.

Alan Cooper, the so-called "father of Visual Basic", has written a book
about the User Interface and also some articles in Visual Basic Programmer's
Journal. He can be off-the-wall, but mostly his stuff is pretty good. In one
old article -- I'll dig it out if you REALLY prod me -- he lists the
different types of Windows programs and the way the GUI should work. For
example, a program such as Word is a -- I forget his terminology -- a "I'll
only be using this program" program. This type of interface has different
requirements than, say, a pop-up program.


-- Don Schenck

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I hear you Buck.  Some years ago, when we were starting to dabble with
"Workwith" programs, I found PDM (while not perfect) to be a pretty good
model to use in building our own workwith programs.  What would you
recommend in the Windows world for a similiar model?  For those of us that
spend 98% of our time "heads-down" in green screen applications, where is
the best place to get acquainted with what has become a "Standard" in
windows development?  Can MS Office products be relied upon as a good
"model"?  Are there any books on what constitute good "style"?
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