• Subject: cgi-bin problem
  • From: "Joe Teff" <jteff19@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 28 May 1999 13:10:52 -0500

I have a cgi-bin written in rpg/ile and it is working with one exception.
I only seem to be able to get one field returned.

I have a form that requires a Customer # and Password. The form causes
a CL to execute on my AS/400 which in turn calls an rpg/ile program.

My rpg/ile program does a bound call to QtmhRdStin using 4 parameters,
all of which are returned by the API:

   RCVDTA which contains 'CUST=5801&PW=abcABC123'
   RCVDTALN which contains the length of RCVDTA (1024)
   RCVVALLN which contains 24
   QUSEC which is the errors ds

This looks great. I'm not sure why RCVVALLN is 24. I would have expected
22 instead.

I then do a bound call to QtmhCvtDb with 7 parameters of which the first 5
initialized prior to calling the API:

   DBFILE which contains the file name and library of a physical file that
                  the fields CUST and PW in it along with their definitions.
   RCVDTA from the first API
   RCVDTALN from the first API
   FORMDS data area defined with reference to file named in DBFILE so
                      it has CUST at 5,0 and PW at 10A.
   DBFMTLN contains the length of FORMDS (15)
   CVTRESP contains -4 after the API was called
   QUSEC which is the error ds

When I look at the fields CUST and PW following the second API, CUST is
equal to 05801 but PW is all blanks. Does anyone have any ideas why
PW wouldn't contain the value 'abcABC123'? Thanks.

Joe Teff

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