• Subject: RE: Using PERL On The HTTP Web Server
  • From: "Barry Smith" <bsmith@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 27 May 1999 14:32:59 -0400

The main question I have at this point is what the directives for the HTTP
config file should be.

My web site that I ported over to the AS/400 is located in directory

The web site is currently running on our ISP's server which is an Apache server.

There is a directory located under this directory called CGI-BIN WHICH HAS THE
.CGI files with the PERL scripts.

I already have the PASS statement
Pass /*  /QIBM/ProdData/HTTP/Public/HTTPSVR/HTML/800hershey/* in the CONFIG file

The web site is working fine otherwise.  I just have problems with the pages
that reference the PERL scripts.

The MAP and EXEC statements that I need are a mystery.

I downloaded the PERL 5.003 from
I followed the instructions on installing it.  There is a PERL.PGM CL program in
the QGPL library.

Any help with getting this up and running on our AS/400 would be GREATLY


David Gibbs <David.Gibbs@IL.US.MKS.com> on 05/27/99 11:18:36 AM

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cc:   Barry Smith/Corp/Hershey

Subject:  RE: Using PERL On The HTTP Web Server

> I am trying to port a web site from an Apache web server to
> the AS/400 HTTP
> server.  I am running into problems with trying to get the
> Perl scripts working.
> Does anyone have experience using Perl on the AS/400 HTTP
> Sserver.  I have some
> set up questions.


Although it's not widely known, MKS did the port work for PERL on the AS/400
(well before they acquired the Implementer product from SILVON).

If you want to post your questions (as much detail as possible), I can
forward them to one of the developers in the office that did the work and
we'll see if we can't get you some answers.

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