If you are gonna do this (the rewards are great) be sure to standardize on
WinHLLAPI (windows standard) and not ELLAPI (old dos standard).  There is a
difference in how they work and all vendors support WinHLLAPI today if they
are still in business.



At 10:15 AM 5/27/99 +1200, you wrote:
>Thanks Ross,
>Im trying to learn ELLAPI.Have you got a sample you could send me in VB
>which extracts data off  and writes back a 5250 term emul.
>I am a jnr programmer and have been using DDE and send keys for this,I have
>been told HLLAPI is much better.
>We use Rumba 5.2 which fully supports DDE and HLLAPI.
>cheers Dave
>> From: Ross Hartford <rossh@ccslink.com>
>> To: MIDRANGE-L@midrange.com
>> Subject: RE: HLLAPI s
>> Date: Thursday, 27 May 1999 02:07
>> We have worked extensively with EHLLAPI in our computer telephony
>> integration product (CallPro).  In one of the methods of impelmentation,
>> use a Windows program to drive "screen pops" via screen scraping to
>either a
>> 3270 or a 5250 session.  It works great and is fast.
>> You just have to be careful that you allow time in the Windows
>> program for the terminal emulation session to complete the previous
>> operation.  But that's about the only problem we ran into.  The symptoms
>> were that some data would be missing on the screen, when you ran in debug
>> mode, everything worked ok though.  We added a sleep timer in the routine
>> between posts to the screen and it corrected the problem.
>> It works fine both in VB and C.
>> Ross
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>> >
>> > Hello again,
>> >
>> > Has anyone on this list worked with HLLAPI s on VB or C projects.
>> > I believe it is more stable than DDE or Active X,COM for
>> > mission critical
>> > apps
>> >
>> > cheers
>> > Dave

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