Rob Berendt wrote:
> We are starting to dabble with Citrix.  We had a gentleman from Sun Data
> come up and install it.  So far we are very impressed.  One of our PC
> technicians was amazed that a 386 was blowing the doors off of his P2-300
> with 192mb of ram.  We are also using several netstations.  So far it is
> fast, fast, fast.  Someone said 'man, this loads Notes faster than my PC'.
> The above PC technician has a netstation next to his P2 and the boss
> stopped by and the technician jumped on to the Netstation to fix the boss's
> problem with NT administration.

I trust this a newer version of the product IBM recommended in the early
days of the Network Station... I put this in a customer site about two
years ago and it proved to be a disaster.. I will say, that IF you only
run pc apps., it will run quite nice, but when you throw the IBM version
that does the 400 part, things went down hill very quickly... They were
putting out PTF's on a daily basis... The Network administrator portion
was where all the problems came in.... BUT.... just pc apps and NO 400,
ran like a scalded dog.... You could run 5250 emulation pretty well, but
when you mixed the environment.... strange things continued to happen...
but that's what I get for bleeding edge stuff... I assume it's much
better now.... the network station seems to have died down a LOT.

Again... I assume this is the same product....
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