>     it. I do NOT thing it's IBM's responsibility to convert your (or 
>     my) old garbage into CF. 

I never said it was their responsibility, but I strongly suspect that
IBM would provide one just as they provided CVTRPGSRC.  Actuallly, it
would be *much* easier than what CVTRPGSRC does, at least if resulting
indicators could still be set (or those lines remained in /fixed).

I was offering my *opinion* on Hans' posting, based on my experience
with RPG/free.

>     Someone would write a conversion utility 
>     to do this (Bradley <g>) eventually. 

Agreed.  If IBM didn't have one on day 1, I would by day 2. 

>     BTW, have you already 
>     converted all of your RPG to RPGIV? 

I'm in the process of it.  When I have to modify a program, it gets
converted to RPG IV as the first step.

>     Did you use IBM's tools, or 
>     third party?

Even the third party tools use IBM's CVTRPGSRC as the preliminary step
(if it is currently in RPG III).  Then they enhance the (already) RPG
IV code.  Or at least every tool I have seen does this.

But to answer your question, I use my own tools rather than
third-party ones. (But I also use IBM's CVTRPGSRC in the process.)

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