• Subject: Re: X-Spec (was: "RPG isn't cool")
  • From: "David Morris" <dmorris@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 11 May 1999 16:43:08 -0600

>>> Carsten Flensburg <novasol@pip.dknet.dk> 05/11/99 02:35PM >>>
boldt@ca.ibm.com wrote:

...I'd opt for carrying as little of the "old" stuff forward as possible;
keeping the free format as clean as possible. Rather than spending
ressources on mutating the fixed opcodes I would suggest using the time
and money on developing bif's or free format equivalents where

1) No  - no gain

2) No  - get the remaining bifs written instead

3) Yes - as you mention MOVE(L) has a variety of functions not easily
         covered otherwise

4) No  - I'd rather see the ++ function added and as for overflow
issues          I'd prefer to code defensively where appropriate - this
will            also make my intentions clearer for the next
programmer                 having a look at the code.

Thanks for listening!

Best regards,
Carsten Flensburg


I agree with Carsten on these points.  I would make one 
further request.  Provide support for variable type procedure 
parameters, including operational descriptors, so that we 
can create our own bifs.  Give us this and we can provide 3 & 4 
(2 works already) for ourselves.

David Morris

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