>Best bet: IBM's x-spec will never see the light of day. The spec is
>currently being evaluated by Toronto, but if the Atlanta crowd was any
>measure, the spec is DOA. After showing the spec, the IBMer asked how many
>wanted it, and a smattering of hands (less than 15 out of 200), went up.
>When he asked how many didn't want it, only two or three went up. When he
>asked how many didn't care, many hands went up. Let's face it: old fashioned
>RPG isn't cool and and most RPG programmers don't care!

Arrrgghhhh!  I would've raised two hands.  Did "showing the spec"
include side-by-side examples of the same code in both versions or
otherwise extol the virtues of free format?

Alas, there seem to be masses of RPG-only programmers who know nothing
but RPG III (or II) syntax and are as happy as an ostrich with its
head in the sand to stay that way.  If their only exposure to
free-format code is CL which has been formatted by the command
prompter, one can almost understand the relunctance to switch...

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