• Subject: Re: How to see if *LF's are being used...
  • From: "Joe Teff" <jteff19@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 10 May 1999 18:43:14 -0500

> Well, I want to thank everyone for all the helpful information that was
> posted in response to my question....
> I ended up using DSPOBJD to an *OUTQFILE and then I created a query which
> selected all logical files that had a use count of zero....
> It looks like I may have found around 2.8GB's of storage I can recover!
> Here is what I discovered:
> Object      Library     Object      Creation  Days Used   Object
>                         Attribute   Date      Count       Size
> UBLHRSA     P1FILES     LF           112297      0   1,009,795,072
> UBLHURP     P1FILES     LF           071097      0     628,113,408
> UBLHRCUS    P1FILES     LF           110898      0     601,899,008
> UBLHBSB     P1FILES     LF           032899      0     535,859,200
> UBLHRSO     P1FILES     LF           110898      0     109,064,192

As I was following this thread, I started to wonder about the access
path itself. Does anyone know if the logical will show a date used if
it's access path was used for a query, OPNQRYF, SQL ,etc? Some
access paths are created solely for speeding up these kinds of
activity and could have an adverse affect on your system if they are

Joe Teff

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