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  • Date: Thu, 18 Feb 1999 08:07:18 -0600

Once you get WSG set up then on a browser enter
http://111.222.333.444:5061/wsg <>   (of course
substituting the correct IP address) and you will get a 5250 screen.  It has
some limitations but it works and it is a good price, FREE.

Lurton Keel

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                 << File: Carl J. Galgano.vcf >> If you want two quick and
dirty ways.
                1.  Allow green screen access to the application via the
Internet.  Either
                the customer can get a TN5250 emulator or you can get a java
applet that
                will load from a webpage that does the 5250 emulation.
                2.  Use the WSG (workstation gateway) fucntion that is built
into the OS.
                It allow you to use a browser to GUIized the 400 screens.
The 400 does 5250
                to HTML conversion on the fly.  If you can connect via
TCP/IP all you do is
                point your browser to the IP address and specify the proper
port that the
                WSG is listening on.  (I don't know what that is off the top
of my head).

                Or you can write java that will be servered from a web page
that will
                retrieve data from the 400 and present it to the user.  This
is work, the
                above are relativly easy solutions.
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                     I have an application written in legacy RPGIII, RPG400
and some COBOL.

                     I would like to make the application available to
clients on the Web.

                     What should I be looking at? What 'Keywords' should I
be using to
                     'search' InfoManager. What do I need to do ?

                     In a nutshell, how does it work ?

                     Regards, Neil Holley-Williams
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                               P&O Cruises has changed to @pocruises.com
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