• Subject: Re: window in a window and stupid DDS tricks
  • From: Buck Calabro/commsoft<mcalabro@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 4 Feb 1999 10:16:03 -0500

On 02/03/99 08:18:17 PM Joel Fritz  wrote:

>I've learned a lot by exposing my ignorance. 

Haven't we all?  Welcome to the club!  :-)

>I never realized you could put the subfile control record below the 
>Unfortunately, what I'd really like to do is have part of it above (colum
>headings and so forth) and part below (totals, function keys.)
>Could someone enlighten me on the window footer record.

I'm about to expose some ignorance of my own...  Here, in it's most hideous 
form are snippets from some old template code of mine.  These aren't 
windows, but the principle holds true.  Basically, define a separate record 
format to serve as your footer, display that the overlay it with your 
subfile control/subfile record combination.  Because the subfile doesn't 
overlap any lines from the footer, they both appear on the display at the 
same time.

A          R MDLDSPS                   SFL 
A* subfile occupies lines 10-19
A            WOPT           1A  B 10  2TEXT('Input option') 
A            WDATA         10   O 10  6

A          R MDLDSPC                   SFLCTL(MDLDSPS) 
A* headings occupy lines 1-9
A                                      SFLSIZ(0020) 
A                                      SFLPAG(0010) 
A                                      OVERLAY 
A  43                                  ROLLUP(50 'ROLLUP') 
A  40                                  SFLCLR 
A  41                                  SFLDSP 
A                                      SFLDSPCTL 
A N43                                  SFLEND 
A                                  1  2DATE 
A                                      EDTCDE(Y) 
A                                  9  1'Opt' 
A                                  9  6'Data      '

A          R CFKEYS 
A* totals, description of command keys occupy lines 20-24
A            CMDLIN        78   O 24  2

C* when it's time to display this, put out the "footer"
C* which will then get overlaid by the subfile control and subfile records
C                     WRITECFKEYS 
C                     EXFMTMDLDSPC

Hope this helps...

Buck Calabro
CommSoft, Albany, NY
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