>I'd be very grateful if anyone out there can tell me how to avoid an error
>message locking the screen requiring the user to press <Error Reset>.

Try specifying the ERRSFL keyword at the file level. This prevents the
keyboard locking and also allows the user to scroll through multiple
messages if more than one field is in error.  I don't think, though, that
it allows multiple messages for a single error field. It also won't work if
the message line is not empty.

>I'm using indicators in the DDS with the ERRMSGID keyword pointing to one
>MSGF - and on some screens no reset is required (look up screens) and on
>others using the full 24 x 80 reset is needed.

Have a squint at your look up screens and see if they have ERRSFL
specified. If not, could you post here the DDS for a screen that does not
lock the keyboard?


Dave Kahn, ABB Steward Ltd.

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