• Subject: RE: MIDRANGE-L Digest V2 #877
  • From: Hart Doug <dah6696@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 1 Feb 1999 11:20:36 -0500

        Steve, good hearing from you.  I knew the rules you state below they
are clearly noted in CPD277D.  Why I was going the route I was is
because I wanted  to manage such a small number of objects.  I must have
400+ devs and only want to control maybe 15.  

        Now I think I'll change my dummy profile to have *JOBCTL and not
*IOSYSCFG.  Let my CLP adopt this profiles rights.  That as you state
will let them vary on and off devices.  Now I just need to remove public
from the short list of devices and attach an authl with the few odd
profiles needing the ability.

        So TAP01,etc has authl with QBRMS, Robot, etc. on it and those not in
this list will not even see it if they do a WRKCFGSTS *DEV tap* through
the adopting program. 

  Douglas Hart  
  Sr. Consulting Technical Analyst


In order for a user to vary on/off a device on the newer release,
not the issue.

You need *USE and *OBJMGT to the configuration object or *JOBCTL special
authority in the profile.

*IOSYSCFG relates to CONFIGURATION rather than varying on/off. It also
relate to some TCP/IP functions.

Perhaps this will help:

Signon to a high level profile to create the objects. This profile will
need authority to all sorts of things...probably will have to be

CRTUSRPRF CFGUSR      /* He'll own the configuration objects */
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