I wrote a different one with array manipulation. Here it is :

      E                    AA         19  1
      E                    BB         19  1
      E                    CC     26  26  1
      E                    DD     26  26  1
      E                    EE     10  10  1
      I              'Gip 3.18-1.59 Ic656' C         CODE
      I              'abcdefghijklmnopqr-  C         LO
      I              'stuvwxyz'
      I              'ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQR-  C         UP
      I              'STUVWXYZ'
      C                     CLEARAA
      C                     CLEARBB
      C                     MOVEACODE      AA
      C                     Z-ADD1         $I      20
      C                     Z-ADD1         $K      20
      C           $I        DOWLE19
     C                     SETOF                     909192
    C           AA,$I     LOKUPCC,1                     90
    C           AA,$I     LOKUPDD,1                     91
    C           AA,$I     LOKUPEE,1                     92
    C           *IN90     IFEQ *ON
    C           *IN91     OREQ *ON
    C           *IN92     OREQ *ON
    C                     MOVE AA,$I     BB,$K
    C                     ADD  1         $K
     C                     ENDIF
     C                     ADD  1         $I
     C                     ENDDO
     C                     MOVEABB        CODNEW 17
     C           LO:UP     XLATECODNEW    NEWCOD 17
     C                     SETON                     LR

Hope this helps.

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