• Subject: Re: MRGSRC Command
  • From: David Morris <dmorris@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 25 Feb 1998 12:03:00 -0700


If your source files are keyed, DSPFD TYPE(*ACCPTH), you can use copy file to 
merge the source.  Just 
make the line number be .01 and specify *SRCSEQ.  If they are arrival you could 
write a program to 
copy your source to keyed source file with *REPLACE, and then copy your new 
line with *ADD.  Then 
copy the keyed member back *REPLACE to your original member.  Run the program 
from a PDM option.

David Morris

>>> Jerry Keppler <kepplerj@pattonville.k12.mo.us> 02/25 9:29 AM >>>
I'm trying to use the MRGSRC command to get a new H-Spec at the
beginning of all our programs.  The H-Spec I want to add is.
     H Option(*Srcstmt:*Nodebugio)

I've set up a member with just this line in it, and made sure the SEU
statement number is 0000.01.

I've tried a number of combinations of the MRGSRC command, but can't get
it to work.
It either does nothing, or worse, wipes out the program and replaces it
with the new H-spec.

MRGSRC is also tied to option 55 in PDM.

Can anyone help?

Jerry R. Keppler      Pattonville School District
Computer Programmer   11097 St. Charles Rock Road
(314) 213-8045 Voice  St. Ann, MO 63074-1509
(314) 213-8650 Fax    mailto:kepplerj@pattonville.k12.mo.us 

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