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> Subject:       Re: SLIP on V3R2
> Date:          Mon, 23 Feb 1998 15:05:59 -0500
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> Chris writes:
> > On the laptop, I can dial into my ISP using SLIP without any problems.
> > However, when connected, PINGing between the AS/400 and the PC results
> > in no PONGs back.
> Disclaimer: My SLIP experience is limited to PC/unix stuff, and includes
> no AS/400 implementations.
> This is while connected to the ISP? Remember, SLIP is a point to point IP
> connection over serial lines, hence Serial Line Internet Protocol and the
> AS/400 referring to it as Point-to-Point TCP/IP. 

Having re-read my post, I didn't exactly make things clear - when I'm 
connected to my ISP, everything works O.K.. When connected to the 
AS/400, nothing works whatsoever. The 400 is not multihomed on the 
token ring line.

Chris Ames
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