• Subject: Re: Premenos and the date data type window.
  • From: cmassoglia@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Charles L. Massoglia)
  • Date: Mon, 23 Feb 1998 10:32:15 -0400

>What  happens to events dated  between[19xx]  010100 and 123139 era  with
>the OS400 window structure? Do they  system window out to 20xx ?
They don't exist or you get an execution time error trying to move a date
prior to 1940 or greater than 2039 to a 2 digit year date format.  Try
specifying DATFMT(*MDY) in the H-spec for an RPG IV program and then read a
file with a *USA date prior to 1940.  You get a FILE I/O ERROR!

>At 06:52 PM 2/22/98 -0500, you wrote:
>>>>> Date windows of 1940-2039, 1970-2069, or any other fixed window are
>>>>>used by
>>>>> those who do not care if their code dies in the future.  I hope I am
>>>>> in the year 2039 to see how IBM explains why we have to go through this
>>>>> thing a second time in the same century.
>>>>Don't you think they will probably just roll the window forward? I would
>>>>suspect that this would be a workable solution since the IBM conversions
>>>>are "black box".
>>>Part of the problem is *LOVAL is D'01/01/40' and *HIVAL is '12/31/39' for
>>>dates with 2 digit years.
>>>Charlie Massoglia, Massoglia Technical Consulting, Inc.
>>Another problem with rolling windows is that people live long enough to
>>foul up the windows!  I have an aunt who was born ca. 1904.  My parents
>>were born in the 20s.  I was born in 1950, and plan to see 2050.  Any
>>rolling window starts causing problems when you look at spans of human
>>lifetime approaching a century or more.
>>An organization I worked with has membership records going back close to 80
>>years.  I had to deal with the 1800-1900 boundary for birthdays of people
>>who were members that long ago.  A rolling window is NOT a solution, just a
>>--Paul E Musselman

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