>We all know how tedious it can be to code what seems like a simple process
>to do! Obviously he will copy in the code from that "boil an egg" program
>he wrote the other day, and he will copy in the code from the drink coffee
>program, but he recalls that a lot of it isn't compatible because coffee
>comes from grounds and is percolated and tea comes from leaves and is
>steeped. But that's okay, he knows how to make this work.

Well, coffee can be either percolated or dripped or boiled or bagged.  Tea
is usually bagged (in the USA) but can also be balled.  The operative
Method of all of these is to soak the tea or coffee in nearly-boiling water
until the flavor/color/essence of the tea/coffee has time to permeate the
water.  At that time, the tea/coffee solids are removed from the water and
the beverage is ready to serve.

JAVA or Espresso or Cappachino may differ...

>The point being, the programmer trying to create the drink tea program
>needn't be concerned with all this. All of the methods he needs are
>prebuilt somewhere. He is just building a program to use those methods.

>Chris Rehm

Ah, but you're assuming the programmer trying to create the "Drink Tea"
program has pre-existing 'Serve Beverage' code to draw upon.  If the code
is not pre-defined, the programmer needs to create all of these things by

--Paul E Musselman

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