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>The manual can be found in the "Application and System Support" bookshelf.  
>The book 
>is "Application Display Programming".  There is also an API manual if you want 
>to go that 
>route.  It is "User Interface APIs".  Don't know what you mean by the 
>no support for refresh.  Your code has to perform the refresh.  You need to 
>read through the list and preform an update or rebuild the list.  I can give 
>an example if you need one.

Thanks. I've gotta take a look.

I know that UIM doesn't perform a refresh. My question was (or should
be) how do I tell UIM to start displaying the list 3 pages down after
I refresh? The WRKOUTQ/WRKSPLF commands, etc., leave you on the same
screen when you perform a refresh. I'd like to do the same.

I'd also like an F11 (change view) type option as well, but I'll grab
those manuals first!

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