RE:     Re: Win95 vs Lose95

>I think the point of it is, The Market didn't choose. 

>The whole point of the DOJ case is that the market is manipulated by a
>monopoly which controls the distribution channels. As a result, there is no
>way the market can choose. 

>After all, if Microsoft is the only deliverer of Java applets then what
>would be their incentive to make Java perform better than ActiveX?
>Chris Rehm

Thanks Chris;
That was my point.  If everyone had knowledge of the contract agreements
the hardware/software providers were under by M$ (Either sell 100% of our
OS or none at all, etc)  from the late 80's thru the early/mid 90's they
would understand the market didn't 'Choose' anything.  

"It doesn't seem too bad so far, said the lobster in a pan of cool water
sitting on a stove that was just turned on"

How warm is the water so far everybody?

John Carr
AKA,  Mr Reboot.

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