• Subject: Re: Re: Two NS/router configs & host mac addresses in CA/400?
  • From: "Pedro Manuel Rodrigues" <pmanuel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 5 Dec 1997 11:25:06 +0000
  • Cc: walden@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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   Yes, i do know that. But tell that to users who need printers in 
the AS/400, or have products like ASW, Analizer or Seagull GUI, that 
until a few time ago, needed NS/Router. Really tough. Anyway, even 
using NetSoft configurator, it created different objects in the 
workarea. The problem still mantains then.

Best regards,

Pedro Manuel Rodrigues

> Date: Thu, 4 Dec 1997 09:46:37 -0500
> From: "Walden Leverich" <walden@techsoftinc.com>
> Subject: Re: Two NS/router configs & host mac addresses  in CA/400?
> Within ONE NetSoft router setup you should be able to specify all four
> AS/400s, each with there own mac address. You may need to run NetSoft's
> configurator, not that CA wizard to do this. I did it for many years with
> "true" NetSoft before client access was here, now I'm straight TCP/IP so I
> don't pay attention to NetSoft anymore.
> Speaking of TCP/IP, what are you still using 802.2? TCP/IP is the way to go!
> - -Walden
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> From: Pedro Manuel Rodrigues <pmanuel@cindy.fe.up.pt>
> To: MIDRANGE-L@midrange.com <MIDRANGE-L@midrange.com>
> Date: Wednesday, December 03, 1997 1:27 PM
> Subject: Two NS/router configs & host mac addresses in CA/400?
>    Again, good day to all.
>    One other problem i have is this, if i configure different
> NS/router setups for direct AS/400 connection on ethernet - different
> work areas for each system - i can only work with each one each time.
> If i try to connect to a second one, netsoft router doesnt start. I
> just want to connect to different AS/400 (4 of them) with different
> host mac addresses, without going thru a assumed as/400. I'm using
> CA/400 for Win95. Is it possible?
> Thanks in advance,
> Pedro Manuel Rodrigues
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