• Subject: Re: sorting scheduled jobs in a jobq
  • From: Christian Zander <100070.2407@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 19 Nov 1997 03:37:24 -0500

Michael Crump wrote:

>>Interesting.  I don't know if this is a change but the help text for the
parameter SCDTIME indicates that you should expect this :-)
I quote (V3R2, V3R7, V4R1):
The order that job entries with identical SCDDATE and SCDTIME values
appear on the job queue may be different than the order in which
they arrived.  Likewise, these jobs may leave the job queue to be
processed in an order different than the order in which they were
entered.  Do not assume jobs are entered or processed sequentially
when they are scheduled to start at exactly the same time.<<

I assume this is the problem one has if one does not read the whole help
texts. It's there like you stated it, in german of course at our AS/400,
but it's there. I never had the idea of looking in the help texts. I
thought the parameter was quite clear, so no explanation (i.e. help)

So your answer is RTFM, and you're quite right.

I think it's a feature, not a bug, since it is documented. If your digging
for an explanation will get you some results I would be eager to hear them.

Thanks for your answers

 calling from Kassel, Germany
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