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>When you use the CHGPF command to add fields to a file, must
>you still re-compile all the programs that use that file, or only the
>ones which need to use the new fields?  Or will the level
>checking trip me up?

If you add a field to the file the member format level identifier will
change just as if you had deleted the file and recreated it, so the
short answer is yes, you should recompile all the programs that
reference that file or any affected logicals. It is possible to specify
LVLCHK(*NO) on the CHGPF command. This won't stop the level from
changing, but it will prevent it from being checked when the file is
opened. I'd strongly advise against this, however, unless you're 100%
sure of all the ramifications.

>I know the answer must be easy because I can't find it !

The easy way to see for yourself is to make a copy of the file in a
development library. Run DSPFD on it and record the format level
identifier. Make the change then do another DSPFD and compare the new
level identifier with the previous one. If they're different you're
heading for level checks.


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