• Subject: Re: Data Transfer
  • From: Neil Palmer <NPalmer@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 10 Jun 1997 19:59:58 -0400
  • Organization: NxTrend Technology - Canada

Gary Feinstein wrote:
> I am running a query that outputs data to a file.  I have one field in
> the query that is a Constant, value 'A'.  Real simple.  I run the query
> and it looks fine on the display and in the file.  However, when I do a
> data transfer from the 400 to my PC using Client Access, all fields come
> out okay other than that one.  I think it outputs as the hex equivalent
> - C2.  What could be causing this?  Is there something in a data option
> that I am missing?  I am transferring the file as ASCII text.

Which 'Client' for CA/400 (Win 3.1, Win95, .....).
Which release (V3R1M0, V3R1M1, ...).
What PTF/Service Pack Level.

IF this is Win95 then this may be your problem (see Problem #1):
(Note, 5763-XD1 PTF's;  V3R1M0 - SF33616, V3R1M1 - SF36096.
 I believe fix is in base code for V3R1M2).

Item SA58978

  APAR Identifier ...... SA58978       Last Changed..97/05/05  
  Symptom ...... IN INCORROUT         Status ........... CLOSED  PER
  Severity ................... 3      Date Closed ......... 96/10/31
  Component .......... 5763XD100      Duplicate of ........
  Reported Release ......... 311      Fixed Release ............ 999
  Component Name 5763 CA400 WIN       Special Notice
  Current Target Date ..              Flags
  SCP ...................
  Platform ............
  Status Detail: SHIPMENT - Packaged solution is available for
  PE PTF List:
  PTF List:
  Release 311   : SF36096 available 97/03/05 (7044 )
  Parent APAR:
  Child APAR list:
  Problem #1 ---------- Client Access/400 for Windows 95 data
  transfer function will not translate data between ASCII and
  EBCDIC if the CCSID of the file on the AS/400 is 65535.  The
  following occurs:
  Uploads to the AS/400 file will generate message CWBTF0005 "Data
  in this field is incorrect or does not match PC data type."
  Downloads to the PC will complete successfully, but the data
  will not be converted, appearing as hex data instead of the
  correct character data.
  Problem #2 ---------- When trying to transfer a file from the
  AS/400 to the PC using Client Access for Windows 95, the data
  transfer fails with a MSGCWBDB0099:  No more data is available
  for the stream fetch request.  This is followed by a SQL0104:
  Token . was not valid.  Valid tokens:  <END-OF-STATEMENT> This
  only happens on files that contain a '.' in the file name.  For
  example QIWS/QCUSTCDT transfers OK, but QIWS/QCUST.CDT does not
  Problem #3 ---------- When going into the PC file name Browse
  dialog, when a PC file name exists in the PC file name field,
  garbage data is displayed for the file type.  This prohibits the
  user from selecting a file from the list.
  Problem #4 ---------- When using Data Transfer to upload to and
  create an AS/400 source file, after record # 9999, receive
  message MSGCWBTF0008 "Numeric data has too many digits for the
  AS/400 field.  Maximum value will be used."
  Problem #5 ---------- When transferring to/from a source
  physical file that was not created with the default format of
  SRCSEQ, SRCDAT, and SRCDTA a CWBDB0036 and SQL0206 error message
  is displayed.  This works fine if the source physical file was
  created with the default field values or if it was created by
  the Data Transfer utility.  Problem #6 ---------- The Data
  Transfer utility in the Client Access for Windows 95 client does
  not display the correct message when downloading data to the PC
  and the PC file already exists.  When the "Overwrite existing
  file" checkbox is not selected and the PC file already exists a
  transfer from the AS/400 to the PC should result in a CWBTF0002
  message being displayed.  Instead, Data Transfer utility
  currently displays this message when the PC file does not exist
  and the check box is not checked.  This is not correct.
  Problem #1 answer ----------------- Data Transfer will now allow
  conversion from CCSID 65535 to the PC CCSID on transfers to the
  PC.  The AS/400 job CCSID will be used for the conversion.  Data
  Transfer will also convert from the PC CCSID to the AS/400 job
  CCSID for transfers to the AS/400 when fields are tagged with
  the 65535 CCSID.
  This conversion will be controlled by creating an INI file named
  CWBTFR.INI in the directory Windows was installed to.  The .INI
  file must contain ONE of following lines:
  ForceTranslation=0; for no translation of 65535 data
  ForceTranslation=1; for translation of 65535 data The line you
  chose from above must be within a section named Client Access
  Data Transfer.  Remember, section names are contained within
  open and close brackets.
  If the .INI file is not found, or the correct section and value
  names are not present, Client Access Data Transfer will default
  to no translation of 65535 data.
  WARNING:  Enable this fix only if you are confident the data
           contained within columns tagged with the 65535 CCSID
           are in a defined CCSID that matches the user profile
           CCSID of the jobs that will access it.  Accessing
           65535 CCSID data from a job CCSID that does not match
           the data may corrupt data within the database file.
           If you don't enable this fix by providing a
           CWBTFR.INI file, transfers will continue to behave as
           they did before applying this PTF.
           Columns tagged with the 65535 CCSID are designed to
           not be converted when transferring to/from the PC.
           Using this fix, which forces a conversion to take
           place, is to be done only when it is not possible
           to change the column or file CCSID from 65535.  Every
           attempt should be made to appropriately tag the data
           with the correct CCSID.
           For more information on the 65535 CCSID, see topic
  in the AS/400 National Language Support book.
           The book number for this is SC41-3101-00.
           Conversions from CCSID 65535 fields are prone to
           errors under multi-language situations where AS/400
           user job CCSIDs do not match.
  Problem #2 answer ----------------- Database files containing a
  '.' in the name will now correctly transfer to and from the
  Problem #3 answer ----------------- Browsing for PC files in
  Data Transfer now works correctly.
  Problem #4 answer ----------------- The reported problem has
  been fixed.  As in previous versions of File Transfer, Data
  Transfer will set the sequence numbers of record #'s 10,000 and
  greater to 9999.
  Problem #5 answer ----------------- The reported problem of Data
  Transfer not being able to transfer user customized source
  physical files has been fixed.
  Problem #6 answer ----------------- The reported problem has
  been fixed and Data Transfer will report a warning in the
  appropriate situations.


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