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Hi Bryan,

Mapics XA automatically journals a number of files. Look at the list in
JRNFIL to see if the ones you want are already there. The great thing about
adding files to the JRNFIL is that Mapics will manage the journaling for
you. You have options to end and restart journaling from Cross-App menus.

You may want to look at what data is being journaled as well. Before images
are the old version of a record, the after images is new version after the
change. Of course add or delete will only have one of these.

I have not extracted data from a journal but it should not be too tough to
get the basic types of changes occurring. You may need an RPG program to
map the before/after images to compare for the actual changes made.


Gregory Novak
Technical Services Manger
Momentum Utilities

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Do you journal MAPICS files? I'm wondering if we're remiss in not doing so.

According to documentation, "For XAR5.5 or higher, you can journal a XA file
using XA. To do so, DFU the JRNFIL file adding a record for the file to be
journaled. File JRNFIL contains a list of the files that XA journals. When
you do your next XA backup, journaling will be ended and restarted using the
list of files in JRNFIL."

We'd certainly like visibility to file changes at the field level and
journaling as described above sounds really simple. Is the only drawback
disk usage?

Thanks in advance,

Bryan Burns
ECHO Outdoor Power Equipment

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