Ann and Henny,

We are at release V4R4 and get orders occasionally just like you described.
It was very difficult to use DFU to change the status codes so we wrote this
little program to do the resetting.    Just type CALL FIXORDER '1234567' on
the command line and the order gets healthy again.


    FMBC6RES1UF  E           K        DISK                     
    FMBCDRES0UF  E           K        DISK                     
    FMBADRES0UF  E           K        DISK                     
    C           *ENTRY    PLIST                                
    C                     PARM           C6CVNB                
    C           C6KEY     KLIST                                
    C                     KFLD           C6AENB                
    C                     KFLD           C6DCCD                
    C                     KFLD           C6CVNB                
    C                     Z-ADD1         C6AENB                
    C                     MOVE '1'       C6DCCD                
    C           C6KEY     CHAINMBC6RES1             95         
    C           *IN95     IFEQ '0'                               
    C                     MOVE '10'      C6FNST                  
    C                     UPDATFAVRECL                           
    C           ADKEY     KLIST                                  
    C                     KFLD           C6AENB                  
    C                     KFLD           C6DCCD                  
    C                     KFLD           C6CVNB                  
    C           ADKEY     CHAINMBCDRES0             95             
    C           *IN95     DOWEQ'0'                                 
    C           CDH3ST    IFEQ '20'                                
    C                     MOVE '10'      CDH3ST                    
    C                     UPDATFB1REEA                             
    C                     END                                      
    C           ADKEY     READEMBCDRES0                 95         
    C                     ENDDO                                      
    C           ADKEY     CHAINMBADRES0             95              
    C           *IN95     DOWEQ'0'                                  
    C           ADHFCD    IFEQ '20'                                 
    C           ADHFCD    OREQ '10'                                 
    C                     MOVE '10'      ADHFCD                     
    C                     MOVE '00'      ADIIST                     
    C                     Z-ADDADAQQT    ADAASL                     
    C                     UPDATMBADRE0                          
    C                     END                                   
    C           ADKEY     READEMBADRES0                 95      
    C                     ENDDO                                   
    C                     END                                   
    C                     SETON                     LR          

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I think we get this same situation when the 8 were pick confirmed, 0 were
backordered and the line item is closed once the 8 ship.  Check your
backordered field to see... I believe this is in the MBDDREP file.

Then another scenario is that  sometimes the status codes get out of sync
and we have to DFU them.  We always open a MAPICS ticket first to see if
they can walk the user through menu options first, sometimes it is as easy
as going into order maintenance and F2 the order!  Anyway, the MAPICS
hotline person will tell us what to DFU so we don't create a bigger mess.


Subject: COM - Pick list status closed but there is outstanding quantity
Hi Group,
I have a customer order with details as follow:
CO# = 840
CO Qty = 20 qty
Pick List# = 500
Pick List Status = closed
Pick List printed for = 20 qty
Pick Confirmed for = 8 qty
Shipment = 8 qty

The problem is, now we have to ship 12 qty, the
balance from this CO. But the pick list has been
closed and when tried to select orders for pick
list print OR reprint pick list OR delete & de-
allocate the pick list, system did not allowed.
We have enough on hand qty for the item but cannot
ship the 12 qty.

Is there anyone ever faced the same issue?
Any advice or info about this will be greatly

Pemstar Singapore

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