The amount of the screen that it uses isn't a function of the window size,
but rather it's a function of the font size.   If you use a bigger font,
it takes up more space on the screen.

In Windows, there's an experimental keyword that may help you.   Try
specifying the +resize_fonts keyword.

If you don't like the way resize_fonts works, or if you're using the Unix
version, you need to specify the font size specifically in your tn5250rc
file with the font_80 and font_132 keywords.   You'll probably have to
experiment with different settings to get a font that you like.

For example, in my FreeBSD (which is very much like Linux) machine I
can type:

        xt5250 font_80=12x24 font_132=12x24

I can get a list of fonts by typing:

In Windows, I'd have to specify the font.   something like this might

         tn5250 font_80=Terminal-12x24

Experiment with it, you should eventually find something that you like.

On Thu, 27 Jun 2002, Mario Pesce wrote:
> Hi,
> I have installed both the Linux and Windows versions of TN5250 on a Dell
> laptop with a screen resolution of 1450 x 1050 pixels.
> The product works quite well, but I noticed a problem with both versions.
> The AS/400  screen is always displayed in a small area of the display with
> small characters and, even if I maximize the window,
> the used area  remains unchanged.
> I looked in the documentation but I could not find any option to change that.
> I use also a commercial emulator and that is instead able to use all the
> window size when I maximize it.
> Any suggestion ?
> Thank you and best regards
> Mario Pesce

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