• Subject: Re: Newbie question
  • From: "Brad Clements" <bkc@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 30 Sep 1999 14:37:34 -0400
  • Organization: MurkWorks, Incorporated.

On 30 Sep 99, at 10:04, Scott Klement wrote:

> On the bright side...  if you're using TN5250, the data thats being
> sent back and forth is in EBCDIC. :)   Its a bit less likely that
> someone has a packet sniffer looking at EBCDIC codes!   Unless, of
> course, he's attacking you specifically...

Anyone remember NCSA Telnet, or it's offshoot CUTCP/TN?

I wrote CUTCP/TN (added 3278 emulation to NCSA Telnet for DOS)

After our university suffered a bit of hacking, I modified the program to 
promiscously sniff telnet/rlogin sessions and present the data in real-
time on screen, so you could view telnet sessions as the user typed..

Naturally it also worked for 3278 sessions, they were MUCH EASIER to 
sniff because they're block mode (just like TN5250). EBCDIC really 
doesn't help, and the block-mode nature makes it very easy to sniff 

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