Hi there...
we're having some problems with shared read locks on AS400 V5R4, accessed
with jt400.

The problem is described here

To cut the story short,

- we (Spring) issue an update statement, and table obtains a shared read
lock (normal)
- after we close the statement, the lock is still there (i guess normal)
- after we commit, the locks disappears (normal)
- then, when we issue a SELECT statement, the lock re-appears... and
after closing the ResultSet, Statement, and Connection (Spring does that),
the lock remains (NOT normal)

Do you have any idea, some kinda clue - where is the source of these "never
going away locks"? These are shared read locks, and they don't affect our
application and user experience in no way, but from time to time, we have to
issue some ALTER TABLE statements, and with these locks, we can't.

Thank you very much,

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