On Wed, Feb 27, 2008 at 6:39 PM, Mike Cunningham <mcunning@xxxxxxx> wrote:
We have a DB2/400 database table with a timestamp field that has the value of 12/31/9999. DB2 is happy with that. I have a PC based java application using the jt400 jdbc driver to read that file and the result set appears to return a null value for that date. If the date is changed to 12/31/2008 it is returned correctly, put back to 12/31/9999 and it's null. Could the jt400 driver be doing this?

Hi Mike,

It could be any number of things & it's really hard to help without
seeing the relevant code...

Just a guess, but are you by any chance using a java.sql.Date object?
If so, have a look at the javadocs which specify that the date is "not
to exceed the milliseconds representation for the year 8099".



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