john e skrev den 06-02-2008 16:52:
Could you please elaborate a bit on the "it is not scalable because it is not scalable"?

I'm no expert on this. But i know it's "old" technology, and it is quite a primitive library of basic windowing functionality. The reason it is not scalable is because, for example, individual lines (primitive draw operations) are sent to the X Server (which is the program running on the PC which displays the GUI). Also, a lot of signals are sent back to the host, i.e. mouse movements and keystrokes. If you have only a couple of programs doing this it will not be a problem. But if you have hundreds of programs running at the same time and pushing individual lines to hundreds X Servers and these X servers communicate each mousemovement back to the host then this will have a big impact on overall performance. For sure it will not scale as well as 5250. In general, the interface between the client (running on the host) and the server (running on the client) is very fine grained and works ok if both are on the same machine.
This list of all should know that just because code is old, does not mean that it is necessarily outdated or bad :)

Of course graphics intensive clients use more bandwidth than plain-text clients, but it does not automatically mean it is out of the question. We happily dish out web pages or lots of SQL data from an iSeries - it is just a matter of being reasonable.

I'll say, let us give it a try :)

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