Larry wrote:

I keep thinking I have my head on straight regarding using java objects in 
RPG, then I confuse myself again.  Perhaps you can help?

In the following program I am playing with URLEncode.  I had the program 
working fine, until I wanted to convert back the new encoded URL string into 
AS400 characters.  I have my string "outstring" and all I need to do is 
execute "outstring.getBytes()".  I tried prototyping getBytes, but keep 
getting an error (shown in the text below).

How do I call getBytes on my nice string?

You didn't say what error you are getting.

I'm just curious, shouldn't the utfstring be one of the parameters to
the encode() method?

  >     utfstring = makestring('UTF-8');
  >     instring  = makestring('The String @foo-bar');
  >     outstring =   encode(instring);

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