Installing the latest PTF cum package solves also the problem.

richard@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Listed below is an excerpt from our knowledgebase. 
> Just in case any of you run into the java command not found error on a 
> machine where the java SDK is loaded. 
> Problem Details
> Customer is getting the following error when trying to run java commands 
> on their iSeries:
> qsh: 001-0019 Error found searching for command java. No such path or 
> directory.
> They are running V5R3 and we verified that they have Java 1.4 SDK loaded 
> via GO LICPGM, option 10.
> Why is the java command not found ?
> Resolution
> For some reason the java command would not run even though a link to it 
> was found in the /usr/bin IFS folder which is where unix style QSHELL 
> commands are run from. /usr/bin was also in the user's search path. We 
> determined this by running STRQSH and then typing env and pressing enter. 
> Something similar to the following was listed when env was run. Notice the 
> path line:
> ICU_DATA=/QIBM/ProdData/OS400/ICU/data  
> CLASSPATH=/rjsjava/rjsexport:/rjsjava/rjsexport/poi.jar:/rjsjava/rjsexport/po
> i-contrib-2.5.1.jar:/rjsjava/rjsexport/poi-scratchpad-2.5.1.jar:/qibm/proddat
> a/http/public/jt400/lib/jt400.jar  
> HOME=/home/RJS
> PATH=/usr/bin:  
> The only thing we could figure was that the symbolic link in /usr/bin for 
> the java command was messed up. This could be because the customer 
> upgraded from an earlier OS/400 release to V5R3 instead of installing a 
> clean version of OS/400. 
> The following changes resolved the problem and now the java command is 
> found:
> Renamed existing '/usr/bin/java' to java.sav
> rnm obj('/usr/bin/java') newobj(java.sav)
> Created a new object link to the JDK V1.4 version of the java command
> addlnk  obj('/qibm/prodddata/java400/jdk14/bin/java) 
> newlnk('/usr/bin/java')
> Testing to make sure the java command is found
> >From OS/400 command line type: STRQSH and press enter. 
> When the QSHELL command display is shown, type java and press Enter.
> If you see a list of java options, then the java command is now found. 
> You can also type java -version to make sure the version if 1.4.x
> Regards,
> Richard Schoen
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