Rich Dotson wrote:
> Shane,
> No luck.   I received the same error as before.
> Thanks for the suggestion though...

Try modifying Shane's code to be less explicit about the exception that
it catches, so you can get the stack trace for the exception.  It's only
listening for IOExceptions, but UnsatisfiedLinkException isn't an
IOException, so the catch code wouldn't be calling the e.printStackTrace

Change this:

      catch (IOException e) {

To this:

      catch (Exception e) {

Getting the stack trace will show exactly what method is originally
getting the exception.  If nothing else, it would give you something
better to google on, being able to use the method name with

Or, you can get the RPG runtime to emit the stack trace for a failed
method call, if you're on V5R3 (and your RPG program was compiled on
V5R3).  Set envvar QIBM_RPG_JAVA_EXCP_TRACE to 'Y'.  You can
add/change/remove this envvar at any time; it doesn't have to be setup
before the JVM is started.

For what it's worth, I've only ever seen UnsatisfiedLinkException given
when Java can't find a native method, but maybe there are other
reasons.  I don't know if the poi classes use native methods, or if they
do, why they wouldn't be found for you.

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