During update or insert time, we’ve found it necessary and advantageous to
loop through all fields for the some of the following reasons:


During update or insert, loop through the fields and: 


1.      Verify that if they are required, that there is a value in the field
2.      Is the current user authorized to update the field
3.      Is the value valid in terms of length and data type
4.      Is the value in the field valid in terms of the business object it
represents such as state, social security number, phone number, email
address, etc.  These are all common and generic tests.  
5.      Did the value change and therefore is an update needed in the first


How do you handle all these data and rule validations?  


We use JavaScript to catch as many checks as possible before hitting the
server but you also need to check server validation.  

Cycles can be important but processor speeds are ever increasing and
currently fast enough to make this a non issue.  We have this strategy
proven in dozens of applications.  


Programmer productivity, speed to market, and quality are important factors
for us.  


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