I am working on two AS400 machines.I have made one as the server and another
as Client machine respectively.I am working on RMI on these two machines.

My pgm names are:
AddServerIntf.java /class (Interface pgm)
AddServerImpl.java /class (pgm that implements "AddServerIntf.java")
AddServer.java /class (main pgm for the server that updates 
AddClient.java /class (Client Side pgm)

AddServerImpl_Skel.class (Skeleton)
AddServerImpl_Stub.class (Stub)

I have followed the following steps to execute a method that is residing on
the server machine by calling a pgm from the Client Machine.

Step A:
I have copied
AddServerImpl_Stub.class and
AddServer.class on the Server Machine.

I have copied
AddServerImpl_Stub.class and
AddServerIntf.class on the client machine.

Step B:
I have set the Classpath to the current working directory.From the command
line on the "Server machine" the following 2 commands were executed
start rmi registry
java AddServer

Step C:
From the command line on the "Client machine" ,the following command with the
name of the Client pgm and the IP Address of the Server followed by 2
parameters were typed:
start AddClient (IPAddress of Server param1 param2)

After executing the above command I get a message:
java.rmi.NotBoundException : AddServer

Pls let me know as to how to invoke the method residing at the Server end..


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