• Subject: Re: Internet Security (was Re: frame question)
  • From: boothm@xxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 14 Nov 97 20:01:03 -0500

on 11/14/97at 06:02 PM, the Great and Grand  Wazir DAsmussen@aol.com said:

Now suppose, for the sake of argument, that someone...I don't know,
perhaps a hostile nation or major software vendor...approached an equally
 but less scrupulous list member.  Suppose further that this theoretical
"someone" provided this also theoretical "less scrupulous" list member
with a room full of "state of the art" hardware/software, all the
books/CD ROM's they needed to learn everything there was to know about
the hardware/software, unlimited communications access (both telephone
and Internet),  unlimited funds that could be used for bribery, enough
salary to make them independently wealthy, and a target.  Given that this
talented individual would have everything they needed from a resource
standpoint, and nothing else to work on, how long do you think that it
would take them to compromise "the target"?

Here, in my mind, is the whole essense of internet security.  Of course
this scenario could be played out, and undoubtedly has been, over and
over.  The presence of an Internet isn't required at all.  The target can
be the regular daily business as it is right now.  Whetther the attack is
by data wire, or machine guns in a Bank's lobby, or a bazooka on an
armoured truck, the issues are still the same.  Security is a big business
and the internet is just one more business opportunity for the security
people, but we should not avoid the internet anymore than we avoid using
telephones, faxes, or ATM machines.

Booth Martin     

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