• Subject: Re: Is anyone out there?
  • From: "Marc Zylka" <mzylka@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 12 Nov 1997 21:35:37 -0500

>> Can we all kick in with a little info on what our interest level is in
>> Java?

Light to medium.  If I had more time, it'd be more.

>> I already get two other lists about Java, one general and one advanced.
>could you please forward the address to me? I'd like to subscribe.

Same here, what are the addresses?

>IBM thinks it's going to be the silver bullet to bring new business to
>the 400.  It may do that, but not for a while.  Until the language
>matures, it's going to be (for the most part) just for little things.

I was at the same LUG meeting as Dean with Wayne Madden.  It was
a very eye opening presentation.  He mentioned that for business to
be even more competitive than they are today, we need to go beyond
3 GLs to something which will allow us to change software rapidly.
Something which can encapsulate the business knowledge instead
of it leaving out the door with the people changing jobs.


>> How many of you are familiar with the SF project? Any feedback on what
>> think it means for the future of Java?

I'm not familiar with it at all.  I'm reading notes from this list to gain

Marc Zylka ( mzylka@netpath.net )
Flynt Fabrics, Inc.

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