Well, my server timeout issues are continuing to occur, but they've been 
pretty intermittent.  A little experiment last night, however, may have 
given us something for IBM to gnaw on.  We had noticed early on that every 
time one of these timeouts would occur, there would be an associated 
message that had experienced delivery issues.

Analysis showed that those delivery issues were consistently a failure of 
the Domino server to respond to the sending server in a timely manner. The 
sending server (our mail filter) has a 90-second timeout.  We have 
documented a few cases where the Domino server took over five minutes to 
return an ACK to the sending server, by which time the sending server had 
long given up.

Last night, I took the text of one of these suspected problem messages and 
manually sent it to the Domino server via telnet.  The intent was to see 
if we could get the server to timeout on demand.  This was successful (or 
there was an amazing coincidence), so it definitely appears that there is 
something in the message itself that caused the problem.  We have looked 
at many, many of these messages and have yet to find anything in common 
between them.  Some were HTML messages, but the vast majority of them were 
text messages.  In fact, messages from another mailing list I subscribe to 
have been the culprit on several occasions, and it doesn't support HTML of 
any kind.

Does anyone have any ideas of what I should be looking for in the messages 
that might be causing this?


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