Why are you suggesting that? Are you hoping there's strength in numbers
to get BPCS to lower their upgrade prices? I can just see them shuddering
now. "Let's see, company XYZ hasn't spent a dime with us in 5 years and
now they are saying they want free a free upgrade because of that. While
company ABC has paid their maintenance diligently." I suppose a counter
argument might be made that if you can get a nickel out of XYZ in upgrade
fees that's better than nothing. However, you still make company ABC look
like an idiot for paying maintenance.

Don't make Infor the heavy here. It was the user's management that was
being penny wise and pound foolish. It was their IT department that
didn't take advantage of something they were already paying for and call
Infor on a periodic basis and report problems and take advantage of their
maintenance dollars.

And, it will be the company buying them that will seriously ding them
during the due diligence phase for allowing their software and hardware to
get so out of date. The buying company is going to know they will be hit
with huge upgrade charges.

Hardware should be leased, maintained and upgraded regularly.

Rob Berendt

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