version 6.1.02

when we create a work order via sfc500 we can specify the customer order that 
this shop order. this is done by entering the customer order on the sfc500 
screen when we create the work order. but we have some customer orders where 
the customer might order the same item on five different lines, ie deliver 50 
items on the first of jan, feb, march, April, may.  we can create 5 separate 
work orders to make these items. but there is no way that i can find within sfc 
to indicate that work order 1 is for the jan delivery, work order 2 is for the 
feb delivery, work order 3 is for the march delivery, work order 4 is for the 
April delivery, and work order 5 is for the may delivery. there is a field in 
the shop order record (FSO) call SCLIN that says it is for the customer order 
line number, but i can't find a way to populate this.

does anybody have a solution that will allow us to designate which specific 
customer order and line a work order is for?

chick doe
barton instrument systems

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