• Subject: Re: Remedial AS/400 question--The winner is...
  • From: Chuck Lewis <clewis@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 05 Jul 2000 08:13:33 +0100


I did what the others suggested on the programming front several years ago. Made the "delete" programs generic so they can have parameters passed to them to control all KINDS of spool files.

Additionally, if you have a dumb terminal with a record key, for quick and dirty work, you could record several screens worth of deletes and keep (re)playing the sequence (although I wouldn't want to do that for 8000 !!!! <BG>).


"George M. Sagen" wrote:

 Thanks for all the responses. The one that worked the best for my particular issue was to have the user log in and first, do the WRKSPLF command, which listed only his files, then do DLTSPLF *SELECT. I didn't seem to need the additional USER parameter because the user only had access to his own files, but will find it useful when in a scenario where the user logged in has access to all spool files. Makes a good case for going back and reviewing the basics periodically. Turns out there were over 8000 files to delete. Would have worn out the 4 key.Geo.

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