• Subject: Re: what's wrong with the dds of this display file?
  • From: MacWheel99@xxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 8 Jun 2000 14:15:38 EDT

You might like to explore STRSDA & let it create the menu for you with the 
commands back of each option.

> From: Qin_Huang@schindler.com (Qin Huang)
>  |        A          R MENU
>   |        A                                  1  2'Operator Menu'
>   |        A                                  3  4'1. Accounts Payable'
>   |        A                                  5  4'2. Accounts Receivable'
>   |        A                                  5  4'90. Signoff'
>   |        A                                  7  2'Option'
>   |        A            OPTION         2Y 01   + 2VALUES(1 2 90) DSPATR(MDT)

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