I've seen the same thing happen with the Original server on a single processor 
840 partition with 2gb memory under V5R1. It never had a problem with static 
content (SSI's even worked okay) but once we started with heavy CGI loads, we 
began having problems (I was on the phone a lot with IBM in the months prior to 
our switch). We haven't had a single problem with the HTTP server since 
switching over to the Apache based server. 

As far as volume goes, we typically do a couple thousand hits an hour to 
dynamic content (simple SSI's, Net.Data, RPG CGI, and Java) and I'd be 
surprised if there are more than a handful of pages on any of the sites on that 
box that are purely static. We have 7 HTTP server instances running (5 Apache, 
2 Original) which serve 14 websites (one Apache instance has 11 virtual sites 
and two of the instances handle SSL traffic), WAS 3.5 SE with 4 running servlet 
engines, and we also run FTP (this is low volume, we only do about 1000 FTP 
hits per day).


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This morning my little old 170 running IBM's Classic HTTP Server on OS/400
V4.5 "crashed".
The cause for this was due to extremely high volume of hits during a 2 hour
When my free email newsletter went out last night and everybody on the east
coast got in this morning, the server started to get very, very busy. In
about a 90 minute period we had nearly 5,000 hits on the website. The entire
system slowed to a crawl and the webserver pages were effectively not being
served to the web users.
My theory is that too many server jobs were being started for the system
capacity and some CGI jobs where starting/ending so quickly with each hit
that the system just couldn't keep up.
Now I have been lobbying to upgrade to V5R1 and go to the Apache server but
haven't been able to get the hosting agent to do that yet (after all is a free site that produces no revenue).
So my question is, have others had this kind of thing happen on their
Can the 400 handle 5,000+ to 10,000+ hits per hour on an entry-level
-Bob Cozzi
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