David Gibbs wrote:
Dave Shaw wrote:
The few of us who use WDSCi here are trying to convince management that we should purchase a few licenses for RDi now that we've gone to V6R1. The pushback we're getting is that WDSCi still works fine, so we need to justify spending the money. Has anyone else successfully done this, and if so, what approach did you use?

From my perspective, the changes between WDSC 7.0 and RDI 7.5 do not justify the cost.

People at IBM might argue that RDI 7.5 is a total rewrite of the product (and I can vouch for that, as I had to do a lot of work to adapt the MKS Implementer plug-in to work with both versions), but the the functionality is largely the same.

These comments of David's might touch on a currently intangible aspect. A rewrite often is needed in order to create a foundation for future enhancements.

RDI 7.5 will be followed by RDi 7.(5+x) or RDi 8.0, whatever is coming in the future. Will it be easier to jump from WDSCi to what's coming in the future? Or will an intermediate RDi 7.x be needed anyway?

Sooner or later, RDi is where it will be. What can be said about having some of it in place sooner as opposed to doing it all at once some day?

I've often seen messes when upgrades are delayed until they're forced.

Tom Liotta

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