Rod Verity wrote:
Just thought I would let those who helped me along the way know that I am
finally getting our compile command to display the Error List. Just as a
note, the EVFEVENT file was always being created. The issue was that WDSC
didn't automatically display the errors in the iSeries Error List. I am
almost embarassed to say what the fix was because it was so simple but at
the same time it doesn't entirely follow the guidelines from the numerous
postings and documents out there. The only thing I changed to the process
that would not work, was add an OPTION field to the command and CL program.
I don't do anything with this field in the CL program and pass

The numerous notes in different articles say I need to add /* *EVENTF
SRCMBR(&N) */ to the end of the command in WDSC. This is not required.
Other notes say I need to do a CHGDTAARA for the local data area. That is
not required either. Also, *LSTDBG works as does *SRCDBG in the CRTCBLPGM
command used in the CL program.
Hi Rod!

The comment syntax was a workaround for folks who either couldn't or didn't want to change their commands. It especially worked for people who didn't have a command and instead used a CALL to a CL program. I'm not sure whether it has stopped working; I'll have to try it again. But it's good to know that adding the OPTION keyword on your own custom command does indeed work. Thanks for sharing your findings with us!


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