I'd just like to know one thing.

When you say "web development", do you also mean the html editor?

Because I don't use any of the Java, WebSphere, etc things, but do
occasionally make a static html page in WDSCi.


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Re: [WDSCI-L] Is RDi really a "new" product?

Dean, Robert wrote:
I think you just answered your own question. The reason to plug 3rd
party stuff into WDSC is so that we don't have to push IBM to devote the
resources to support it.

For example, IBM is focusing its strategic investments on JSF/EGL, and
also on RESTful stuff like that delivered in Project Zero. I don't need
IBM to support (for example) Struts, Tapestry, Wicket, Seam, or any number
of other frameworks if I can add third-party plugins that provide that
support to WDSC/RDi.

You questioned someone last week because they had separate workspaces
for EGL and non-EGL work. I don't want to have separate Eclipse instances
for IBM-provided and non-IBM-provided plugins.

You're kind of missing the point of RDi. Unlike WDSC, RDi is not
designed as a web application development environment and will not be
supported as one. It's a single-purpose tool. RDi-SOA is RDi plus EGL,
again single-purpose. Not meant for development of any other
framework. If you start plugging stuff into it and it breaks, IBM won't
support it. If you are planning to do web development, you need a
different tool, such as RAD, or one of the many Eclipse-based tool
offerings, such as MyEclipse.


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