Be careful. Changing from CL to CLLE may not be trivial. Be sure that
the CL's and the programs they call are running in the proper activation
group. QILE is the default for CLLE's, but your RPG's, etc, could be in
others depending on your program specs and compile options.

The impact of running in the wrong group is most noticeable with
overrides. The safest way to ensure that your overrides are in effect
is to specify both OVRSCOPE(*JOB) and OPNSCOPE(*JOB) in any OVR*

The first time we tried changing from CL to CLLE, a long time ago, we
did it wrong, and had a situation where we overrode to a specific member
in a multi-member file, then ran a program which deleted a bunch of
records. Wrong override, wrong member. Ouch.

Bill Reed
Rock of Ages Corp.

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I add my vote to changing CLP to CLLE - there is a performance gain,
and the only commands to worry about, mostly, are RCLRSC, which
behaves differently, and TFRCTL, which can't be used in ILE CL. This
link has an excerpt from the ILE App Dev manual that explains more -

Also, see the help text for RCLRSC for some clues as to its new


At 06:35 AM 10/25/2007, you wrote:

5. Debug is magic, but I cannot use it for old OPM programs.
So I have converted the RPG source to RPGLE and this was
not a trivial
exercise. The CLs I have not converted to CLLE as I do not
have a clear
concept of the implications of doing so.

I debug OPM RPG programs all the time in WDSC.

You can't use Service Entry Points, but you can still debug them.

Converting from CL to CLLE is trivial. If you've already converted
from RPG to RPGLE, then I'd go
ahead and convert from CL to CLLE also.


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